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15 HOUR ENERGY! Stephen Hawking Testimonial

15 HOUR ENERGY! Stephen Hawking Testimonial

15, 2012 (Smosh)June 17, 2012 (El Smosh june)

Jim, Adrian Hecox-Hendrix, Tony Bone, a mom, her child, Stephen Hawking, a gamer, narrator, Jim’s employer

15 HOUR ENERGY! is A smosh video clip uploaded on June 15, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Adrian and Tony Bone explain to you the many benefits of making use of 15 HOUR ENERGY, a power beverage shown to keep you awake and stimulated for the full 15 hours! The beverage has become being manufactured by Versos™ production and will be bought only at that website website link



A business that is tired known as Jim (Ian) is dozing down at their keyboard whenever announcer asks, “Are you struggling with too little power?” Jim begins to react, nevertheless the announcer interrupts him, saying, “Have you tried 6 hour power?” Once more, the company guy starts to respond to, nevertheless the announcer asks, “6 hours of energy sources aren’t sufficient?” Finally, Jim claims, “Okay, is it possible to stop cutting me down?” however the announcer shouts, “then you definitely require 15 Hour Energy!” Jim asks, “Well can it be safe?” abruptly, a tactile hand pops up by having a container of 15 Hour Energy and forces the person to take in it, then punches him within the face. Jim exclaims, “Holy balls, this can be awesome!” and then gets into a hyperactive state. After that it cuts to Adrian and Tony Bone working down, stating that 15 Hour Energy offers you 15 hours of constant pulse-pounding, earth-shattering, penis-crushing power. It extends back to Jim, after 7 hours have actually elapsed. He could be stamping, typing, and chatting at a fast rate. The announcer claims, “But 15 Hour Energy is not just for business slaves that way loser. How do you make use of 15 Hour Energy?”

Mother Testimonial

A mom requires a skull for a tray from the range while she speaks about how precisely her child used to slip down through the night while she had been resting. “But by way of 15 hour power, we never sleep.” It then cuts to her child, stroking her locks while she sleeps, saying, ” Many Thanks 15 Hour Energy! (“15 HOUR PROWLER!”)

Gamer Testimonial

A teen by having a headset on (Anthony) states, “I prefer 15 Hour Energy to amount up my night elf.” He then turns around and watches their avatar on the pc because it dances in a bikini. He claims, “simply glance at her butt, it really is therefore hot. Oh, simply consider the pixel shading on her behalf break. ” (“15 HOURS OF GORGEOUS TIME!”)

Their intel computer says, “It accustomed simply simply simply take me personally four hours to type a solitary phrase. But by way of 15 Hour Energy. ” then get fully up out from the wheelchair and knocks it straight down, and claims towards the digital digital camera, “we have no need for that s*** any longer,” in their computer’s vocals. (“15 HOURS OF ROBOT-RAGE!”)

It then dates back to Jim, after 13 hours have actually elapsed. Their keyboard is stained with bloodstream, in which he’s nevertheless typing as quickly as before. The announcer informs him that it is been 13 hours since he took 15 hour power, and asks him how he feels. He answers, “Must keep working must never ever stop working should always work i enjoy to focus!” their employer walks in and informs him he is able to go homeward, however the he responds, “NOT RIGHT NOW CHIEF, I’M WITHIN THE FRICKING ZONE!” then he continues typing on their blood-stained keyboard.

The announcer states that, while other energy beverages have actually 4 calories that are whole 15 Hour Energy has only 2, so that you won’t become fat. Adrian sometimes appears weight lifting and Tony is handed a stone from Stephen Hawking, but does not hold it and falls. Stephen calls him a pussy inside the computer vocals.

After that it extends back to Jim a last time, in addition to full 15 hours have actually passed away. The announcer asks him, “Just how can you’re feeling?” however the continuing company guy is unconscious, at once their keyboard, with foam taken from their lips, their fingers and keyboard covered in blood, and documents sprawled out over their desk. The hand that previously forced him to take in 15 Hour Energy pops up once more and pours a bottle that is whole over their face.

Maybe perhaps perhaps Not a scientist that is actual but simply some homeless man who fed on meals scraps.

It cuts up to a technology lab, where a scientist is pouring various chemicals that are colored one flask. The announcer claims, “15 Hour Energy was developed through several years of clinical research,” and defines it by using these three things:

  • Natural And Organic

  • Contains 50,000% of one’s day-to-day Dose of Vitamin B6
  • Benzoylmethylecgonine Cocaine

a homeless guy then is observed consuming 15 Hour Energy, saying, “Oh yeah, that is the material.”

The final scene associated with the movie is of a container of 15 Hour energy spinning on a change dining dining table, because of the after terms around it:


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